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In Memory of Tom Baust
March 20, 1952 - October 3, 2017

Brilliant musician, teacher, bringer of joy and beloved friend

TOM'S CD: "In the Spotlight"
Tom's CD is available for purchase from
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Tom's obituary is posted here

In lieu of flowers, tax deductible contributions can be made which will be put toward medical expenses, funeral arrangements, expenses of the farmhouse until it can be sold, music lessons for low-income children, and leukemia treatment for children whose families need financial assistance by clicking

If you would like to make a donation by check, please send it to:

Gladwyne Presbyterian Church
1321 Beaumont Drive
Gladwyne PA 19035

Please add a memo on the check which says "Barnabas fund/Tom Baust"

Tom Baust sings the beautiful song "On My Way to You" accompanied by a photo slideshow.

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"We all enjoyed ourselves a lot on Saturday. You go to a lot of trouble to entertain all of us.  Next year we will make sure we get more coming. Glad you sang and played again, you are a pleasure to listen to.  Have  a wonderful year and we'll see you next June." -- Kathy

"It was so good to see you and hear your music again. I know no one whose music from the American Songbook comes close to yours. It was just magic. I'm sure you have worked long and hard to be able to perform as you do. You are someone who has the gift, and had the patience and determination to develop it. I'm fortunate to be in your audience." -- Brian Daly

"What a treat to sit under the big shady oak tree and enjoy the voices and instruments!  And the house tour was icing on the cake." -- Blessings from Joan Marie, Holland, PA

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CD: Tom Baust's CD "In the Spotlight"

A collection of high-end unique solo arrangements of show tunes & standards.

The CD showcases Tom's artistry as arranger, producer, as well as performer on piano, synthesizer, and bari-tenor voice. Tom is the consummate singer: he conveys lyrics with the artistry of Sinatra and sings a silky-smooth melody with the gift of Mel Torme!

Order the CD from

"About 3 years ago I attended a cabaret with you at piano and Melissa K. singing at Society Hill Playhouse.  After the show I bought one of your CDs and have enjoyed it many times . . . I have to tell you that I think you are fabulous!  The CD gets better and better (meaning that I enjoy it more and more).  I would love to experience your shows if you have any coming up. Best Wishes" -- Rob Cox

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History of the Farmhouse at 115 Middle Holland Road

Tom Baust's 1806 Farmhouse was the site of a double hatchet murder of an elderly couple, Samuel and Leanah Rightly, a year after Lizzie Borden's similar crime of 1892. Arrested was drifter Wallace Burt, who killed the couple after having been hired to mow the lawn of the cemetery outside the farmhouse, and having been paid only 75 cents and not the dollar he said he was promised. Burt hid out at first in Newtown, sleeping in the lumber yard, then was captured in Morrisville alone in the woods, and tried in Doylestown in 1894.

Click Here for more information about the case and

Click Here to read Tom Baust's article about his experiences living in and restoring the farmhouse.

New Book About the Case

THE SCYTHE AND THE HATCHET is a new book by Eric Stedman telling the story of the 1892 incident at 115 Middle Holland Road and subsequent trial. Tom Baust participated in the research for the book and wrote an Afterword for it which gives a little personal history of his involvement with the property and how he came to own and maintain it.

The book has been updated with new recently-discovered historical information and revisions necessary due to Tom's passing.
Online orders for the book can be made by clicking This link